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Frequently Asked Questions

Which law governs the formation of companies in Cyprus?
The formation of Company is Cyprus is governed by the Companies Act, Cap. 113 of the Laws of Cyprus, as amended from time to time (“the Companies Law”), which is almost identical to United’s Kingdom Companies Law, 1948.
What are the tax rates of a Cyprus Resisdent Company?
What is the most popular form of using Cyprus companies?
Does Cyprus have a special tax regime for certain activities?
Why are Cyprus holding companies so popular?
Are nominee services provided in Cyprus?
Are there any requirements as to the number of shareholders or directors? Is it necessary to appoint a secretary?
Are there any restrictions on the persons who may be shareholders or directors of companies?
What is a European Public Limited Company (Societas Europaea)?
What categories of companies are recognized in Cyprus and what are their main/ principal characteristics?
When is a Company considered to be Cyprus tax resident?