“a single lie destroys a whole reputation of integrity

-baltasar gracian

Corporate and Personal Taxation

We have the ability to offer practical solutions that are adapted to the needs of all businesses. We are able to offer proactive, cost-effective services which will assist clients with satisfying the compliance requirements of the Inland Revenue and will minimise tax obligations, by familiarising ourselves with our clients business and objectives.

Altiuserve is also able to assist international Groups in their tax planning and advise them on how Cyprus companies can be used either as parent Companies of the Group or as intermediate Companies within the Group.

Out tax services include:

  • Local and international tax planning for companies and Individuals;
  • Compliance with Inland Revenue Requirements for Legal and Non legal entities;
  • Preparation and assisting in appeals against decisions of the Inland Revenue;
  • Preparation of Capital Statements for individuals;
  • Transfer Pricing Services